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Sending Password Protected Documents from Calyx Point

: Open Point and Log-in Search for, Select and Open your Client file Select document item(s) to be secured for delivery via email Change the “Output Option” to “Save as PDF File” (as pictured above) Be sure the “Print Option” … Read More

Add a New User or Employee to the Network

Here are the minimum data items required to provision a new employee account: Full Name (as indicated on their official ID) Personal Email Address NMLS Number (and name if different than above) Cell Phone Number Last Four Digits of their … Read More

Update Pricing on Website

Follow these steps to update the sliding rates on the top of the homepage: A. Open Two Browsers B. Log In to WordPress C. At the Dashboard locate the Recently Published items in the Activity area; You should … Read More

Keeping Businesses In Business

Protect your files with Carbonite! Carbonite takes the worry out of backup — by securely and automatically backing up your important business files to one of our state-of-the-art data centers, where they become part of your Carbonite personal cloud. Rest … Read More

Carbonite Info Center

Accessing Your Carbonite Account

Click to Access your Carbonite Account Can’t remember your email address or password? You can get a reminder or reset them online. Upon successfully accessing your account you will be presented with your Backup Dashboard. It will show you the … Read More