Update Pricing on Website

Follow these steps to update the sliding rates on the top of the homepage:
A. Open Two Browsers

  1. http://elyons.com
  2. http://elyons.com/wp-admin

B. Log In to WordPress
C. At the Dashboard locate the Recently Published items in the Activity area;

You should always see at least the last five posts. Four of them will be the current rates that need to be updated and you can link to them from here.
D. For each of the rates posted – do the following:

  1. Click on a Rate Post (titled by product in the Activity Area) to update.
  2. You will be in Edit Post screen – Verify Product Name
  3. Using the browser on elyons.com, copy the Date and Time of the rates posted at the BOTTOM of the Homepage. You can mouse over the rates to pause and copy
  4. Paste date & time into rate post
  5. Update the “Published on” date to patch the Posted Date & Time and click OK
  6. Update Rate and APR information and click on blue Update button

E. Click on “Dashboard” in the left column to return and process next rate until all rates are updated.
TIP: When updating the “Published on” date & time remember to use military time (24 hour clock) 1:10 PM should be entered as 13:10 and 4.36 PM entered as 16:36

After updating all rates, please remember to log-off and close the browser.

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